I'm a Beautiful Blogger

Back in the spring, I received an email from Randi Annette Shaw who writes for the love of Writing.

Randi was letting me know that SlingWords, this little adventure in writing that I publish, was selected as the winner of a Beautiful Blogger Award.

So why am I so late in bragging, uh, I mean, telling you about this lovely award? I guess because I received notification during one of my brief stays at home.

Late, Not Unappreciative

My mom had died in late January. I'd been traveling back and forth to the hospital all of January and sleeping on couches in the ICU waiting room. Then I spent the next few months mostly at her home with an occasional trip home to check on my family.

In other words, a lot of things fell through the cracks during that time. By the time I finished taking care of my mom's estate, it was time for my daughter's next orthopedic surgery. I won't continue in this sage lest you all begin playing the world's tiniest violin. Suffice it to say that this year was even harder than last year which was one of the worst of my life. Wow! Am I looking forward to 2011 and hoping that it will bring better times.

Memory Returns

Out of the blue, I suddenly remembered the Beautiful Blogger Award, returned to her site, and snagged the image to post here. You'll see it on the sidebar from now on. Again, Randi, thank you. I appreciate the recognition because I work hard at making this blog appealing in looks and content.

Takeaway Truth

Thoreau was right. Sometimes life really is too much for us, but, in the face of some events, simplify simply isn't the answer. Perhaps the only answer is to just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving, hoping that you're moving forward.

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