Holiday Gifts: Bitchin' Journal & Mug

I'll freely admit to having a rather odd sense of humor, but here are a couple of inexpensive gifts that just scream career writer to me. Of course, if your particular career has a lot of frustration and trials, then these gifts fit your particular ring of hell also.

First up is the Fabulous Career in Bitching Journal whose cover says: Ask me about a fabulous career in bitching.

If you've been a professional writer longer than a month, then you know why this journal would make a great gift for a writer. Sometimes, it seems that all we do is bitch about the state of publishing, book sales, editors, agents, readers, and more. In fact, sometimes it seems that there's no good news about writing so why do we keep on doing it?

Next, we have the Unstable & Bitchy Mug. I'd laugh at this even if my husband gave it to me! In fact, we women tend to laugh about things like this because we have a great sense of humor, and we can take a little kidding.

Of course, we like to give our friends gifts like these because we also know that writing as a career makes us all a little crazy at times. Yep. Being unstable and bitchy is all part of my mystique.

P. S. My artist daughter designed these and sells them at one of her CafePress shops. Wonder if she had anyone particular in mind when she was creating these amusing gifts?

Takeaway Truth

A gift that makes you laugh is a gift that lifts your spirits every time you look at it. It just may help you keep your sense of perspective amidst trials and tribulations.

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