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As a writer, I go through ink and toner like a whirlwind through Tornado Alley in the spring. In fact, for writers and other print intensive vocations and avocations, keeping your printers running can, well, run into big bucks. I'm always looking for a dependable source of cheap printer cartridges so I'm happy to pass along this resource tip.

Ink & Toner Resource

Whether you run ink jet or laser, you can keep your printers humming, at a low price point, with You see, they're a resource you'll want to bookmark because they offer the lowest prices for ink and toner that I've seen.

No wonder thousands of customers use their site and save from 50 to 70% off on printer ink. It's a no-brainer because they guarantee satisfaction, and they ship quickly. They're cheap enough that you can stock up so you're not running out of ink when you're trying to print an important project on deadline.

User Friendly In The Extreme

On the main page, you'll see a drop-down menu with brands of the most popular printers from Apple to Xerox. Just select your brand and a page opens with all the printers listed. Find yours, click it, and a page will open showing you a picture of the printer and listing the inks or toners it runs along with the prices.

I run 4 printers. I was surprised that I could get toner cartridges for my Brother laser at a third of what I pay when I buy one at a popular big-box office supply store. (You probably know the one I mean.) That's a tremendous savings for me.

Bottom Line

Their printer cartridges are guaranteed to perform flawlessly or you get your money back. They've got all the major brands, and they also offer refill tanks if you go that route. Low prices, convenient service, great guarantee! What's not to like?

Takeaway Truth

Running a business means keeping an eye on expenses. Decreasing the cost of printing just makes good sense.

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