3 Ways To Give Thanks

Today, across America, people gather with loved ones to feast and to give thanks. Admittedly, the giving thanks part seems to take a back seat to the feasting and football viewing.

Here are some tips that might help you restore the meaning of Thanksgiving: 3 Ways To Give Thanks.

1. Say thank you. Make a point to thank each person as they help with the day's festivities. I don't mean a quickly muttered, "Thanks." I mean to look them in the eye, touch their hand or their shoulder or hug them, and tell them why their presence in your home means so much to you today.

Then tell them, "Thank you, for being here, for helping, and for being in my life. You make me a happier person." Or words to that effect. You know what's in your heart so just speak from the heart.

2. Give thanks. Before everyone dives into the food at the big meal, tap your glass to get everyone's attention and announce that you want to give thanks aloud and offer the opportunity to everyone else to do the same. Say what you're thankful for and let each person have their say around the table.

3. Get a journal just for Thanksgiving. Ask each person to write a few words in the journal before they leave. Don't forget to ask the kids too. Even the tiniest tots know what made them happy, and their parents can write that for them.

Whether the remarks are a simple "Thanks for the food." or an essay on the closeness of family, you'll learn to treasure the journal if you make it an annual tradition. Each year you'll love looking back on feasts of the past, and your regular guests will enjoy seeing how they change through the years.

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I give thanks that so many of you read this blog. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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