3 Ways To Clean Hard-to-Clean Things

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Continuing my tips to help writers get their homes ready for The Holidays, here are 3 Ways to Clean Hard-to-Clean Things. You know, those things we just kind of pretend don't need cleaning.

What do you need? A plain ordinary Swiffer and a few minutes each day.

Swiffer To The Rescue

1. Clean mirrors with a Swiffer. I discovered this because I'm height-challenged since I'm on the petite side of life. Take a couple of paper towels and tuck them around the Swiffer instead of using the Swiffer cloths. Spray Windex or something similar on the paper towel covering. A few swipes up and down, and the mirror is clean in a matter of seconds.

2. Clean window blinds with a Swiffer. Use the Swiffer cloth. Close the blinds in one direction and Swiffer them using long strokes from top to bottom or bottom to top depending on which way they're closed. Then close them the other way and repeat the process.

This works great to keep the dust off on a weekly schedule, and it takes only a few seconds. Of course, if you haven't cleaned your blinds in a year, then you'll need to take the Swiffer duster and go between each and every slat. That will take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending on how large the window is. Once cleaned though, you can easily maintain them with a weekly swipe of the floor Swiffer.

3. Clean windows with a Swiffer. Again, use a paper towel covering. Open the drapes or pull the blinds all the way to the top. Spray your favorite window cleaner on the paper towel and a few up and down strokes on the glass will have it sparkling.

Takeaway Truth

Holidays should be fun for everyone, including writers. A few minutes a day will make your house sparkle and give you the peace of mind needed to write beautifully.

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