Texas Mushroom Festival

I love Texas in autumn not only for the beautiful turning leaves but also for the many festivals across the Lone Star state. Today is the annual Texas Mushroom Festival at Madisonville. I'm writing this as my husband and daughter get their backpacks ready so we can leave.

I'm Ready

My backpack has some of the junk I usually cart around in my handbag along with a water bottle in each of the mesh holders. My husband's backpack contains snacks and bubble wrap and plastic bags to hold our wine purchases. My daughter's contains her purse junk and her photography gear.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry

There are about 2 dozen wineries and vineyards with booths at the Mushroom Festival. For a mere $10, you can get an all day ticket to sample all their offerings. That's a bargain. I know we'll be buying some bottles, hence my husband's backpack.

They also have chefs preparing mouth-watering food, incorporating mushrooms of course. We'll probably buy a food ticket too.

The festival is rounded out with arts and crafts vendors, an antique car show, souvenirs, a Queen pageant (You can't have a festival in Texas without a beauty pageant.), and more.

Takeaway Truth

In other words, we're looking forward to a fun-filled day in a small Texas town, one of the best offerings of autumn.

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