Teach Tony Danza

Have you discovered Teach Tony Danza? I am seriously addicted to this show, but I didn't even know it existed until I caught a retun episode at some weird hour when I was flipping channels.

When I stumbled across it, I laughed. After all, why would Tony Danza set himself up to be embarrassed by signing on as an English teacher at a Philly high school?

This may sound as if I'm not a Danza fan, but that's not the case. The man can act, sing, dance, and he's an attractive man. He's had a successful acting career in a couple of shows that made TV history. So why ruin it now?


Apparently, Tony Danza had planned to be an English teacher when he was in college. Big surprise. I guess I'm like too many people who thought he was nothing but a dumb jock or a typical good looking dumb actor.

Biggest Surprise

He actually has the kind of compassion and caring that a good teacher needs. He was scared and was man enough not to hide it. The show is captivating and encapsulates all the problems that teachers face in today's world. He learns early on that there are no easy solutions to the problems undermining education.

The show is a gem. I've just found out that they're ending it early because of lack of viewership. My question for A&E is: "How can people watch something they can't find?" I saw one ad for the show, but I never could find when it aired. I had to go to the Internet to find out the schedule.

This show is one of the best of reality programming because it has the potential to make a difference, not just in the lives of the students, but in the perception the public has of publish education. Perhaps it may make parents rethink their idea that teachers are entirely responsible for a student's success or failure.

School success of failure is a partnership with parents, student, and teacher playing an integral role. Too many seem to think that's not true, and the student suffers.

Takeaway Truth

Watch Teach Tony Danza on A&E. Tell your friends. It's compelling and eye-opening for Mr. Danza and the viewing public.

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