Price Tag of Just About Anything

I made a haul in a lot of those fascinating facts books. I put them at our Hill Country house because they're perfect for a guest to pick up and read a bit for amusement if they're just sitting around with nothing else to do.

I was skimming through Everything Has Its Price by Richard E. Donleyand found it fascinating. The copyright is 1995 so I'm sure some of the prices have risen even higher.

Not Making This Up

A license for a legal brothel in Nevada is $25,600.00.

The price tag to buy a legal brothel in Nevada is $1.5 million.

A 17th century suit of armor $80,000.00.

A full body tattoo $50,000.00 and 5 years to complete. Ouch!

Renting Disneyland for a private party with a minimum of 7,000 of your closest friends required, $133,000.00. (I'm sure that's much higher now.)

A complete frog or lizard preserved in amber $40,000.00. According to the book, interest in these items increased dramatically after the book and movie Jurassic Park.

Even historical prices are given, for example, Stonehenge was put up for sale in 1900 for $625,000.00. Eventually, the site was purchased by England.

Takeaway Truth

I guess it's true that everything can be bought. Fascinating book.

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