Shopping For Laptop Cases

Since I bit the bullet and got Internet at our vacation home, I've been lugging my laptop back and forth every weekend. I bought this laptop last summer. Only after getting it out of the box did I realize it wouldn't fit any of the 3 laptop cases I owned.

Last year I carried it in an old EF Tours backpack which provided no padding or protection, but at least it went into the backpack. This year I've been using a huge nylon mesh totebag. Nice and roomy but still no protection. After nearly dropping it last night when I was unloading the car, I decided I should get a proper bag for it.

Shopping Online

In case you've been looking for a lightweight bag to accommodate a laptop, here's 3 that I found today. I'm trying to decide which one to order. I'll probably go with one of the backpack cases because a summer in Europe sold me on the benefits of backpacks.

Sumdex Women's Red Laptop/Tote/Brief from Overstock. Low price of $39.95.

Piggy Back Laptop Backpack from A bit pricey at $89.00.

Express Pink Dots Backpack. A reasonable $50.99.

Takeaway Truth

A laptop is a tool of the trade that should be protected from damage and theft because data lost is time and money lost.

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