Internet Help For Teachers

Our youngest is a high school teacher. She's been creating lesson plans and otherwise preparing for the start of school for two weeks now. I read about a website that helps teachers create testing materials.

What a cool idea! I know my daughter spends a lot of time on this necessary task so I thought I'd pass this tip on to her and all the other teachers out there who are gearing up for another school year.

This can be done with Word or other word processing programs. But a word processor isn't the ideal program for creating testing material. It can be a slow, frustrating process.

The Quizinator

I read about Quizinator in Kim Komando's newsletter. When you visit the site, you'll see that you can create the worksheets, review study sheets, and tests online. Another great tool is the ability to create a library of questions and answers which you can use as a database to design your tests. Check out the other tools at your disposal too.

Takeaway Truth

Teachers have a hard job that is more time-consuming than one can imagine. It's nice that there are websites that offer resources to help.

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