Time To Be Chic

Are you familiar with a jacques lemans watch? Uh oh, make that a Jacques Lemans watch. I'm crushing on the Jacques Lemans Ladies Watch from the Rome Collection. It's stainless steel with Swarovski Crystals set in the bezel and a beautiful brown-patterned dial. That brown watch face is the reason I like it. It's different and eye-catching. You don't see a watch like it everyday.

Times Change

You see, my daughter just bought a new watch which is pretty funny. When she was in college, she never wore a watch. In fact, she told me, with a somewhat lofty air, that watches were old school. She could always find out the time by checking her cell phone.

Then she graduated and entered the REAL world. Guess what? She discovered watches were indispensable. Now she has a wardrobe of watches so I think I need to catch up with her. What better watch to buy than one of these pieces of perfection. In fact, Jacques Lemans watches are so accurate that they're used by airlines and race tracks.

Blue Dial

I guess Blue Dial is one of those hidden Internet secrets. They're a retailer that offers free 2nd Day Shipping to the lower 48 and Free Sizing. All their Brand Names are authentic, not knockoffs. They don't sell used watches or replicas or any kind of imitation of the genuine article. They accept major credit cards and can be contacted on their website or use the toll free number on the site. Their secure website means you're safe to shop.

Takeaway Truth

A quality timepiece is essential for a woman of distinction. At least that's what I'm going to tell my husband when he asks why I bought another watch.

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