Hill Country Heaven

Since my daughter has had several doctors' appointments since surgery, she and I have stayed close to home.

This has been a really wet summer, and we are completely tired of it. While I was doing errands today, I got caught in 3 rain showers and soaked. When I got home, I said, "Let's get out of town. "

I loaded up everything and drove up to our place in the Hill Country. What a treat to see sunny skies and feel low humidity. We haven't been here since July 4 weekend which is a really big deal in this small community.

Annual Celebration

The Freedom Festival, as I dubbed it, kicked off with a parade of golf carts. There were rides for kids, a petting zoo, craft and food booths everywhere - the cupcakes with blue frosting were fabulous - and a fly-in.

You see, this resort community has it's own airfield which is set down the hill from us so we get to see planes taking off and landing on a regular basis. Since we once owned a plane and flew, this is a delight for us.

That day, the pilots did a "bombing run" and tried to hit targets set up on the runway with bags of flour. Great fun. This picture is of a stunt plane that was particularly beautiful. It reminded me of a plane one of our friends had back when we flew.

Out Of Town

Since I finally got high speed wireless Internet connection, I'll be hanging my hat here until the next doctor's appointment requires my daughter and me to go home. Poor hubby has to go to work Monday morning though.

Takeaway Truth

The life of a writer can be really wonderful because you can work anywhere. I'll be keeping office hours on my back porch. Now that's priceless.

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