EZ Guest Bed Solution

We spent about 2 grand on 3 beds for our weekend place. That gives us a bed, our daughter a bed, and a guest bed. Of course, our first guests included 3 little girls. Oops. We needed another bed. A quick solution that doesn't require another bedroom presents itself in the form of raised air beds.

New Generation Of Inflatables

The raised air bed I'm talking about isn't the old vinyl monster from years ago. Remember them? They required an hour of your time, a bicycle pump, and lots of muscle power. These raised air beds come attached to their carry bag and with their own speedy air pump. In no time at all, you can roll our a queen size air bed and inflate it with a flick of a switch.

Other Options

My husband thought a Murphy bed would be neat until he realized they cost about a grand. Plus, you end up with a wall that you can't really place furniture in front of. With an air bed, you can store your guest bed on a closet shelf.

Takeaway Truth

Good things come in small packages. With an air bed, that small package turns into a comfy bed that won't cost you a lot of bucks nor take up a lot of space when not needed.

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