Consumer Information Catalog

I'd completely forgotten about the publications available free or at low cost from the Consumer Information Catalog until I received one in the mail. My mom had been on their mailing list so the most recent edition of the catalog was forwarded to me with the rest of her mail.

Several years ago, before the Internet made so much information available for free, I was on the mailing list too. Each time the new catalog arrived, I eagerly read all the listings, excited about the free reading material I could get for the price of a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Tax Dollars At Work

Our tax dollars pay for these publications, and, for the most part, that's money well spent. You can get credible information on many different topics - everything from cars and computers to federal programs, finance, and travel. Now, you don't have to wait for the catalog in the mail. You can go to the website and order your publications.

Takeaway Truth

Bookmark The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Citizen Information Center as a resource that's quite a bargain.

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