California Gurls: Sassy and Fun

Are you a fan of Katy perry California girls? Oh! That's Katy Perry's California Gurls? You know the cute, sassy song that just made recording history for Ms. Perry?

According to Billboard, the song made the quickest leap to the venerable list's top spot since "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani reached numero uno in its six weeks on the chart back on May 21, 2005.

If I didn't already have the perfect ringtone for my daughter ("Miss Independent" by Kelly Clarkson which so fits her!), I'd choose Perry's song because it just sounds like fun and makes me think of a sassy, spunky girl which is also my daughter.

I'm big into ringtones. In fact, if you're someone I regularly talk to, you have a specially selected ringtone on my cell. I collect ringtones from lots of websites because it's easy and pretty cheap.

My brother who suddenly moved to Colorado, fact detested by my mother, ended up with "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas. My other brother has "Man With No Name" from the Clint Eastwood movie soundtrack since he's a huge Clint fan. I'm thinking of changing that though to "Red, White, and Blue" by Mark Farner because it kind of fits my brother who loves country rock and is fiercely patriotic.

Takeaway Truth

It's easy to know whether to answer a cell call when you have ringtones keyed to the frequent callers in your life. It's also fun.

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