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My husband and I cleaned out the attic yesterday. Why? I guess because my neighbor was having a garage sale. While I was chatting with her about her cleaning out the junk, I started thinking about all the stuff stowed out of sight and out of mind in my own attic.

We brought down boxes of stuff with the intention of taking them to out local charity-operated thrift store come Monday. Of course that got me to thinking about attics. I always longed for an old house with a hidden room and an attic that had a door, not a wobbly pull down ladder/stair. I envisioned gently worn furniture back to back with an old dress mannequin and maybe a trunk or two.

Of course, my attic is like most modern attics with those pull down stairs, exposed floor joists perhaps covered with a sheet or two plywood to create a storage docking bay. I thought I'd see if some bit of wisdom about attics was available. Here's what I found.

John Painter, who had been the oldest living American until his death at 112 in 1999, said: "Everybody has treasures in their attic, their basement, their garage, that they're willing to let go for a lot less than maybe what they're worth. And someone out there on eBay is looking for those items."

Guess what? Mr. Painter was right. I have lots of stuff for which I shelled out lots of bucks, and I'd be happy to part with it for a pittance. But. eBay requires photographing it, listing it, etc. I just don't have the energy or time to do that when I can haul it to the charity. They can put it out and hopefully make some money selling my surplus, and some person with limited resources can get something nice for a few bucks.

Takeaway Truth

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

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