Screenplay Contest

I started not to mention this writing contest because of the hefty entry fees, but I thought I'd let you decide whether you wanted to pursue it or not. It's the 2010 Page International Screenwriting Awards.

Cruise their website so you'll know what you're getting into, but they're legit and offer some rich rewards to those who place and win.

As they say on their webpage: "This year we will be presenting a total of $50,000 in Cash and Prizes – including our huge $25,000 Grand Prize – as well as Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes in ten different genre categories.

Most importantly, each year dozens of top producers, agents, and development execs ask to read our winning screenplays. As a result, many of our past winners have landed writing assignments, secured representation, and signed option agreements on their work, and several now have movies in various stages of production and release.

Takeaway Truth

The bad news? Let the "buyer" beware. The good news? Someone has to win. Maybe it will be you.

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