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Like many writers, I have Google Alerts in place to monitor how my name and my writing gets bandied about the Internet world. I'm always pleased when I see comments regarding my writing.

Just yesterday I read an email alert about a thread on a Pakistani forum discussing novels where my first online novel Moonlight On Snow: A Love Story was recommended.

Isn't that nice? Sure it is, but what's really nice is knowing that a story pulled from my imagination about a brilliant woman botanist and her workaholic new boss, trapped together in a Montana snow storm, thrilled and entertained a reader in a country on the other side of the planet.

If my fans there are reading my blog, then you may be happy to know that my second online novel The Trouble With Love is also a free read.

While I'm at it, let me thank all of you who email me regarding these books published by Romantic4Ever.com. Keep reading, and keep telling your friends about this website that publishes my novels. Maybe there will be another book published after The Trouble With Love, Book 1 of the series Deep In The Heart Of Texas.

Takeaway Truth

Good stories know no boundaries. What appeals to an American in Montana or Texas may well appeal to a Pakistani or an Estonian reader as well.

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