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On my other blog, I posted an interview with the code slinger who designed the WordPress template I'm using. After a bit of thought, I decided I should give some information to my Blogger friends about achieving a customized look for their blogs.


Back in the summer when I was customizing each of my blogs, as well as my daughter and my husband's blog, I must have visited a few hundred websites and tested at least twice that many templates to see how they looked with my content.

The process is actually quite easy to do, and, in the near future, I will give a step by step guide to help you accomplish this task.

Start Shopping Now

In the meantime, here's a website that offers templates for Blogger XML. Visit Falcon Hive, and you'll be amazed at their exquisitely designed blog templates.

I used one I found on Falcon Hive. Of the many, many sites I visited, Falcon Hive was the most user friendly. Not only do they have stunning themes, but all the themes that I tested worked smoothly and seamlessly with no parsing errors or other glitches.

Another thing I really like about Falcon Hive is that the theme designer gives you specific instructions on how to program elements of the theme to reflect your navigation to other websites, the header, tagline, etc.

Takeaway Truth

Just a little effort and a minor learning curve is all you need to make your blog have that custom look.

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