Dropping Hints The Modern Way

I was catching up on my newspaper reading this morning and had to laugh at a letter to a well known advice columnist. The poor letter writer wanted to know what to do about her romance challenged husband. Goodness, I know how to answer that one: drop a hint the modern way so he'll buy you one of the gorgeous seiko diamond watches. (That's Seiko. Forgot that capital S.)

Modern Way

Today, hint dropping is easy. You just leave your computer on with the BlueDial.com website page displayed on the monitor. Then you ask him to fetch something from your computer desk. Some men are a bit oblivious so you might have to do this a few times, but eventually even the most romance impaired man will get the hint that his sweetie must like those watches or she wouldn't spend so much time looking at them.

Conversation Hook

Of course, you can hook him like a wide-mouth bass if he asks about Blue Dial. Just say: "Blue Dial has a great rep for offering only genuine, new, best quality watches. No knockoffs or fakes. Their low prices are as genuine as their watches. Plus, they offer free sizing and shipping to the lower 48. Their policies are clearly stated on their secure website. You can contact them by toll free phone or email, and you can track your purchase online."

P. S.

Be sure and print a picture of the one you like best and leave it laying where he can't miss it, like on top of the TV remote control.

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes Cupid just needs a little help. Fortunately, that's easy with the Internet.

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