6 Basic Blogging Rules

If you're just starting a blog or reinventing one that hasn't been successful, here's something important to remember. Needlepoint it on a sampler (yeah, right) or print a sign and hang it over your computer.

Laying a good foundation ensures success and longevity. A good foundation means having a plan.

1. Set up an editorial calendar that says when you will blog. M, W, F? T, Th? Th, Sa, Mo, or only every Wednesday?

2. Decide on set topics you will cover. That makes everything so much easier. Example: Every Monday: your Work In Progress if you want to cover that. Every Tuesday: maybe a good website resource that represents your niche. Every Wednesday: maybe something in the news about your niche. Every Thursday: a book you're reading. Every Friday: maybe a story from your personal life.

The topics depend on your niche where you want to establish your blog.

3. Decide whether your blog will be strictly professional or contain personal elements, and if personal, how much do you want to reveal. Be very careful.

4. Don't EVER reveal personal information about yourself, your children, or family that would enable someone to easily locate where you live.

5. In the beginning, for every blog post you write, write another and schedule it for a date in the future.

6. If you can only write 2 or 3 blogs a week, make sure one appears on the weekend. There are many less blog posts on the weekend so you have a greater chance of attracting attention than during the work week.

Takeaway Truth

Make a commitment to excellence and consistency in keeping with the time you can make available for blogging then follow through.


  1. I'll start following some of your blogging rules.

    I mainly started my blog as a record of what I do, and to compose some thoughts that I had. I really had no plan.

    But more and more, I've been focusing more on something very tangible and objective, which is my workout and training. The other blog which is a bit more personal, I haven't been posting on there as often, as sometimes people need to understand the context of what I'm posting from.

    I like your #2 point, and following that, it would help structure my blogs so it'll be easier to understand and follow.