Scariest Week of My Life

I was answering my friend Bill Crider and decided to just post what I said here. I'm home to shower and change while Larry stays at hospital with our daughter Adina.


The blood clot was found in time. Thank God for Ultrasound. Deep Vein Thrombosis in right leg below the knee and above the surgery site. Adina has been on IV pain meds since admission on Wednesday so the pain management has improved so I don't have to watch her sob in unbearable pain. They started injections of Lovenox, a blood thinner, in the stomach the day she was admitted.

Last night they added Coumadin, an oral med of blood thinner. If all goes well, she may be released tomorrow. We'll continue the Lovenox injections for a few days in conjunction with the oral med which she'll be on for at least 3 months.

We've had cardiologists and hematologists as well as her orthopedic surgeon and the admitting doctor so we've got acquainted with some of the great physicians at the hospital.

Adina will have a blood test every week for as long as she's on the Coumadin. There's a long regimen to abide by including wearing a medic alert bracelet so we're all getting educated. Later, when I'm not as exhausted, I'm going to post an important message about DVT. It's for everyone but especially for young women.

Takeaway Truth

They say you can't go days on end without sleeping and eating, but that's not true. You can, but you will feel incredibly exhausted. I'm off the get some shut eye before I head back to the hospital.

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  1. What they mean, when they say you can't go days on end without sleeping and eating is that it is incredibly bad for you. This past week may have shaved a year or more off your life.

    In the Koran, it says that God does not subtract from man's allotted years, those hours spent in fishing. The empirical evidence shows that to be true.

    Of course, the Koran also says that if a woman invites you to her bed, and you do not go, God will be angry. Given a choice between God being angry, and my wife blowing a gasket, I think maybe I should take my chances with God. But I'm not sure about that; I'm a devout fellow.