Pull The Pins

It's celebration time here at Casa Reeves. My daughter had the steel pins removed from her foot yesterday. The doctor took what looked like a pair of vice grips and, slowly, steadily, pulled out the 4 inch pin first.

That sucker didn't want to come. It took a few minutes for him to twist and pull, but the pin finally came free. Though we'd feared the bleeding because of the blood thinners she's on to, we pray, dissolve the blood clot, it wasn't bad.

Next was the shorter two inch pin. It was easier. Out faster and no bleeding. Then she was put in the humongous boot that she'll wear for another 3 weeks. In 2 weeks she starts physical therapy.

So, we're still taking it one day at a time. Doing what the doctors (3 of them now) say, praying, and maintaining positive thoughts. We had a miracle in that the blood clot was discovered and treated in time. Surely we can contend with the continuing medication and treatment to come in the next few months.

Takeaway Truth

Healing requires patience. Miracles sometimes happen one day at a time.

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