First Cast

The title of this blog post might sound as if it has something to do with a movie. The picture, of course, shows that it's about my daughter's recent surgery.

She's shown in the first cast, an artistic rendering by the cast technician, rather than the usual solid color cast you usually see. This cast stays on 2 weeks. Then it will be removed, steel pins checked, and a new cast installed. She's decided on red and white for the next one with maybe the Texas Tech logo since that's where she's going for grad school.

I'll try to take a picture next time because the cast technician is amazing. He's worked with the Astros, Oilers, and the Texans, and he can cast up a leg in nothing flat. This design is one he uses on a MotoCross team that needs his services on a frequent basis.

Takeaway Truth

Everything changes to reflect technology and trends.

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