Tech Improved Phone Service

If you're in business, you probably have telephone providers pounding on your door, physically and metaphorically speaking, every week in order to entice you to use their telephone service. There are a lot of Johnny Come Lately's in the VoIP phone service, but why not choose a tried and true company for your Busines VOIP phone service?

Xpander Communications was recently named Business VoIP Provider of the Month on My, a free resource that compares, reviews, and ranks VoIP service providers.

It's easy to see why Xpander was awarded this honor. They recently premiered a new version of their VoIP software which features a new customer portal and a different price structure in order to give their customers the best rates and phone plans. After all, the tag line on their website is: A Better Life For Your Business. That's what they want to help you achieve.

Takeaway Truth

Technology is ever changing. That can lead to more profits and less overhead for businesses who take advantage of the improvements.

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