Only Constant Is Change

Quote for the Week

My favorite musical Jekyll and Hyde, (the version that premiered in Houston, not the Broadway version) has a song I love. The lyric goes: "The only constant is change."

There's been a lot of change in Casa Reeves in the last 6 months with much of it now causing a drastic change in our lives. Our youngest decided she wants to get her Master's, but she doesn't want to incur debt in doing so. She figured it all out and presented us with a financial presentation that shows how she can fund everything herself without loans.

Of course, the first step in her grand plan involves giving up her apartment, moving home, and saving what she spent in living separately. Sure, we said it was okay. But the second step, actually moving her home, has been a sweaty, tiring process. That's what we started last week and will finish next week.

Now, my darling husband and I have to adjust to having our adult offspring at home again, and she must adjust to having parents around 24/7. Hopefully, we're all loving and mature enough to make the transition. She's been accepted to grad school and starts in the second summer session.

There's a new and different challenge ahead, but I'll blather more on that later. For now, I just want a cold drink and a warm shower and some time to do nothing. I'm exhausted. Did I say I hate moving?

Takeaway Truth

American historian Henry Steele Commager: "Change does not necessarily assure progress, but progress implacably requires change. Education is essential to change, for education creates both new wants and the ability to satisfy them."

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