Face Lift For SlingWords

A couple of weeks ago I announced on my other blog that I planned to change the template. I wanted something with darker text for the body of blog posts as well as something with more space above the fold.

Research & Analyze

Naturally, I did some research first to see if it was a good idea to change from something that has proven successful. I didn't want to upset the PageRank applecart. Sure enough, I discovered that conventional wisdom says don't change your template if you're successful. Okay. Not a good move. So I left that template alone. I'll just learn more about customizing Wordpress templates so I can tweek it to meet my esthetic needs.

Nip/Tuck For Oldest Blog

So I turned my attention and desire for change to dear old SlingWords, my oldest blog which is primarily a personal journal and teaching tool for those interested in writing. I'd had the same template since I'd started blogging about four years ago. There was definitely room for improvement here.

I spent the better part of my Sunday in changing the template here. I'd already selected one I liked. That was a process that took about a week. I must have looked at hundreds of templates. Of course, uploading the new template was easy. The rest was a time suck of enormous proportions because I had so many widgets and personalizations on this blog, all of which had to be manually input again.

Kudos To Falcon Hive

The time was worth it though because I adore the template I used. It's Coffee Desk, originally a Wordpress template. It was "Bloggerized" by Falcon Hive. I think the end result is fabulous. Hope you'll agree. So please explore and tell me what you think.

Takeaway Truth

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. If it involves the Internet or computers, then the doing well takes at least a day of your life if not more.


  1. Looks good. I'm so afraid if I touch mine, I'll lose everything.

  2. I know what you mean, Terry. With Blogspot, it was easy but time-consuming. Guess I'll post the process to encourage others. By the way, love your Homicide Hussy.

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