Beware Autograph Seekers

There are a lot of benefits to hanging online with other writers, not the least of which is that you get a heads up when the scammers are at work. Like most authors, I get emails from people purporting to be fans who love my work. What they would also love is an autographed photograph of moi. Apparently, these folks are enamored of a lot of us writers because we all get the same letters.

Delete Key Works

Normally, I hit delete. The only time I feel bad is when the letter writer asserts that they are disabled or they're married to a disabled fan of mine and can't afford to buy books. There's always a little voice in my head that says: "Maybe they're telling the truth."

The other voice in my head that says they just want to scan my signature and somehow empty my bank accounts. So I hit the old delete key, but I feel bad about it. However, in today's world, you have to take everything with several grains of salt.

All of this is a long way of directing you to Leigh Purtill's blog about this issue, more specifically, about the 4 fans in Germany who have been sending letters.

Takeaway Truth

If I knew Latin, I'd say: Let the writer beware. Always check out letters with other writers. Chances are they're received them too.

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  1. My 'favorite' was the letter from someone saying he had all my books (I'd written one at the time) on his bookshelf (it was an e-book) and would I send him an autographed photo of myself.