Website Notes: April 2009

The month is almost over. I forgot to post what's new on my website with the April 1 update. Oops!

This month we celebrate or scourge computers since Casa Reeves has been afflicted with techno problems for the last two months.

The Pleasure of Reading

Gives you a behind-the-scenes-look at Alice Duncan writing as Emma Craig and her new novel Sierra Ransom. Alice tells us all about how she came to write this book that will be published this month.

Due to lack of time in front of my own computer, this is the only significant change to my website. Come back and visit in May when each page will have a captivating new feature article for your entertainment and education.

Written Wisdom

April's theme is Computers since that blasted subject is number one on my black list at the moment. Look for quotations from dear old Anonymous, The Farmer's Almanac (Yes, they have something to say!), Robert X. Cringely, John F. Kennedy, Doug Larson, Ken Olson, and Thomas Watson.

(By the way, if any of you out there have websites or blogs and would like to exchange links, just let me know. Send me an email at joan at joanreeves dot com with REAL LIVE PERSON - LINK EXCHANGE in the subject box.)

Takeaway Truth

Every month you'll find entertaining and education articles on the art, craft, and business of writing on my website.

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