Ready, Set, Move!

Did you know that about 25 per cent of the population moves every year? I think it's a safe bet that the majority of that moving happens between Memorial Day and Labor Day, even for those that don't have children in school. This is the time of year that people start comparing moving companies so take a look at Houston Mover.

Big Time Stress

I've helped my daughter change apartments twice, and it always happens during this time. Guess what? We're doing it again after Memorial Day.

Moving is one of the top stressors in a person's life. Moving is change, always a big change. Change is often difficult, especially when it involves saying farewell to a home, friends, and a community we know. Moving to a new house that isn't yet a home and meeting new people, finding new places to shop, new churches, and new schools? That's more stress.


Selecting the right moving company will help relieve that stress, but people often go with the first estimate or the lowest estimate. This is an area where it pays to shop around. Most moving companies have websites that tout their services, but The Houston Moving Company and its website go a step beyond that. They tell you how to judge a moving company and how to find one that's reliable. They urge you to check out any company you consider with the Better Business Bureau.


They specialize in moving homes, apartments, and offices. Of course they're insured and bonded, and they have all the right equipment to move your belongings safely and efficiently. Plus, they have hourly and flat fee rates. You can get a quote over the phone by calling the number on the website.

Takeaway Truth

Shop around and check credentials so you can make a wise decision.

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