Power Bloggers Have Credentials

Everyone has heard about how much money famous bloggers are raking in. Money from AdSense, link referrals, affiliate marketing, and advertisers clamoring for space on their blog not to mention the publishing and entertainment worlds beating a path to their door in order to throw money at them.

Good Blog Credentials

Perez Hilton, recently a Miss USA judge, is a power blogger. That's not to say whether he is good or bad, but he is well-known. He has what are called good blog credentials.

Just in case you wondered what constitutes the kind of blog credentials that get you noticed by decision makers and power brokers, here are a few.


Alexa score below 150000

Technorati authority above 500

RSS Subscribers above 1000

Twitter followers (typically 1,000+)

Important speaking engagements

Book Deals

Media Coverage


Has Our Society Changed

One may be tempted to say that our society has transformed to a culture that celebrates the superficial, creating celebrities from out of the mainstream personalities. Is that stating the obvious or is it just that Hilton et al are the most obvious examples because the entertainment media publicizes them?

Choose Carefully

There are power bloggers of substance, but they don't get as much widespread attention as the Hiltons of the blog world. Check out these 25 Star Power Bloggers To Follow In 2009 if you are in doubt.

Takeaway Truth

There are good and bad bloggers in every strata from power to novice. Whether to follow or not is always the reader's decision.

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