Most Wanted Reviewed

I just received a lovely email from the Editor at Large Print Reviews who wanted to alert me to the impending posting of a review of the large print edition of my book, Most Wanted, published by Ulverscroft.

Of course I hurried to the website as fast as my connection allowed. I was delighted to read the review of what was one of my favorite romantic comedies. I was equally pleased to find the reviewer also liked it.

We writers always sweat when we hear a review has been made. Ah, reviews. They're a necessary part of the business, but I don't know a single writer who doesn't cringe when it comes to reviews. A glass of a good pinot noir helps, but some writers refuse to read reviews at all.

Takeaway Truth

The only way a working writer can deal with the stress of reviews and keep writing is to believe the good reviews and ignore the bad.

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