Houston Exhaustion

No writing of any kind today since I spent the day traversing Houston's freeways as I took my daughter to the doctor on the north end of town. That's a trek that usually takes a half day and requires the patience of Job when contending with 6-8 lanes of traffic on FM 1960.

The skies were clear and blue, but the wind was high. In fact, the Shell Houston Golf Tournament canceled play today because of the wind. There's a meteorological corollary between this golf tournament and the weather. I don't think the Shell Open has ever been held when the weather is ideal. The event usually gets fierce spring storms, unusual cold snaps, or blistering heat. This time it was almost 50 mph winds.

The bright spot in the day were the wildflowers blooming on the shoulders of the roads on the way into town and on the slopes of overpasses. Our state flower, the Bluebonnet, is beautiful en masse, but it's even more stunning when blended with a field of the bright orange Indian Paintbrush, which unfortunately, I couldn't find today. Guess I'll have to go hunting for some to photograph.

Takeaway Truth

Springtime in Texas is breathtaking.

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