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Ellen Glasgow, 1958, Letters of Ellen Glasgow said: "The share of the sympathetic publisher in the author's success - the true success so different from the ephemeral - is apt to be overlooked in these blatant days, so it is just as well that some of us should keep it in mind."

If only Ms. Glasgow could see the blatant days we live in! Publishing was once called a gentleman's business. One was a woman or a man of letters, rather than just a writer.

One thing that hasn't changed in fifty years is the partnership between an author and a publisher. If you're succeeding as a writer, then you probably have a good partnership with your publisher.

Today, I'd like to toast I feel as if they're a sympathetic publisher who has a share in my success. Romantic4Ever is the website (or publisher) serializing my brand, spanking-new romantic comedy The Trouble With Love. (Brand, spanking-new sounds better than just new, doesn't it?)

This is my second project with Romantic4Ever, and I couldn't be more pleased with their professionalism and expertise. They're friendly, and they treat me the way all writers long to be treated. And just take a look at the fun, flirty and sexy "cover" art they've designed for this novel! Isn't it fabulous? Just like the story.

Takeaway Truth

In our rapidly changing world, fabulous novels - like mine - are being published online.

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