How Old Are You?

Quote for the Week

Satchel Page, the baseball great is often quoted. I was reminded this week of something he said that is so profound. I'd heard it before, but this week, I heard it in a movie Write And Wrong starring Kirstie Alley as a middle-aged screenwriter, once nominated for an Oscar, but who now can't get arrested in the youth culture that is Hollywood. She's bemoaning how she's too old blah blah blah. (Good flick by the way.)

In her black moment when she's thinking all is lost, her brother repeats the quotation from Satchel Page: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?"

Take A Moment

That's a really good question for all of you who think you're too young to be taken seriously or too old to be appreciated.

You know the old cliche: Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. To that I'll add, live like know one knows your age. It's just a number. Don't get bent out of shape over that number because it only means what you tell yourself it means.

Go For It

If you're young and have a fire burning in you to make it as a writer, then go for it. If you're old and have that same fire burning in you, absolutely go for it. Don't say" "Yeah, but I'll be forty (50, 60, pick your number) in five years. What if I don't make it?"

What if you don't try? How old will you then be in five years?

Takeaway Truth

You are only limited by your ability to dream, to believe, and to act.

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