Create Your Favicon

A favicon is that tiny graphic image that appears in the left of the address bar. If you're on Blogger, then the white B in the red rounded-edge square is the Favicon.

By default, Blogger's favicon appears. However, you can customize this and create your own favicon. I encourage you to do this. Why? Because it's another way you can "brand" your website. As you see, my favicon is a pen point between J and R, my initials.

Creating your own favicon is easy with the help of IconJ, Dynamic Favicon for Blogger and Webmaster.

Here's How

1. Visit the website, read the FAQ, and register for a free account.

2. Decide on the logo, image, or design you wish to use.

3. Use a square format image with the sizes of 32 pixels x 32 pixels. Yes, you can upload something larger which will be scaled, but you may lose the resolution you need. The max upload size is 1MB.

The 32p x 32p size works only on Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer only supports a 16 x 16 pixel size so your 32 x 32 pixel icon won't be displayed in IE. Therefore, the website provides standard 16x16 format. If you want your favicon to be locked in 32p x 32p, this will convert it.

4. Save the image in one of these formats: GIF or PNG if you want a transparent icon and use transparency background; JPG, BMP, ICO or TIFF if regular icon.

5. Go back to the icon website and upload your file. The website's software will generate the HTML code for you.

6. Copy the HTML code and paste it in the head of your web pages. If using, Blogger, just add to the Blogger Template.

Adding To Blogger

1. Go to Dashboard, click Layout, click Edit HTML.

2. So what you're looking for in the code is this: NOTE: I had to create graphics because HTML won't display if I just type in the string.

3. When you see that, you'll paste your HTML code for your favicon after that and before this piece:

Basically, you just insert the new piece of code in between those two tags.

4. It will look like this format, in this order:

That's easy, isn't it? At least I hope you understood my non-tekkie instructions. Good luck!

Takeaway Truth

Never pass up an opportunity for branding.


  1. Thanks -- I tried it. Took a bit to find the right place to insert the code; we'll see what happens next time I try to publish my blog. I normally have to fight with IE to display the entire blog properly. Let's hope this doesn't create yet another problem.

  2. Yes, I abhor IE. I use Firefox. I went to your blog and took a peek.

    Very nice. I like your favicon. Good job.

  3. Thanks -- I'm not the creative one in the family when it comes to finding and manipulating images. Normally, I leave that to my son, who's a whiz (and has written 2 books about the Nikon software).

    Trouble with IE is that over half my web and blog hits come from folks who use it, so I have to try to make things look right over there too.

  4. I don't care for IE at all. However, something has recently gone wrong with my Firefox browser. I haven't a clue as to what to do either. I've uninstalled the program and reinstalled it several times over.

    What happens after a few clicks around Facebook or search engines is POP-UPS! Mind you, I've got the pop-up blocker turned on and yet I'm plagued with them. Every few seconds, in fact.

    Now, I'm stuck using IE and I simply hate it.

    I have never heard of this Favicon and will certainly have a go at it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Donna, did you go to the Firefox troubleshooting section? Something is blocking the pop-up blocker.

  6. Yes, I did. I've tried everything. After downloading Firefox again, I'm using it. I am still badgered by those blasted pop-ups. What are you gonna do, heh.

    Also, it still acts funny now and again: freezing, crashing etc. Oh well.

  7. Donna, have you scanned for viruses, etc? You might try running -- which I use regularly.

    It's free and will spot any problems and clean automatically.