Website Update Highlights: Jan. 2009

My website is updated the first of every month. I'll try to do better this year about posting the highlights for this blog's audience. So check it out. There may be something on the website to tickle your fancy or help you with your career.


The first page that opens the site contains a Note each month with general overview of the monthly update. For details about the update, you can subscribe to Wordplay, my website newsletter, and receive it in your Inbox on the first of each month. Wordplay contains a detail of the new things on the site as well as an article, essay, or short fiction that appears only in the newsletter.

The Pleasure of Reading

This page is all about authors, books, and reading. January features an Interview with freelance writer and aspiring novelist Lisa Haselton. Next month, the very popular Annette Blair will be the guest of honor.

The Joy of Writing

This page is for writers and aspiring writers or maybe just those interested in the writing life. Many of the articles can help any career, not just writing. January's feature article: Make the Internet Work for You: Blog Basics will help you with your web presence.


My subscription Newsletter can be read on the newsletter page, but if you subscribe, you receive the newsletter in your Inbox the first of each month. The entertainment feature for January is: Blame it on the Romans, a Very Short History of New Year Resolutions.

In February, the January 2008 issue of WORDPLAY will be removed and stored in the 2008 Article Archive. Each month thereafter, the next sequential 2008 issue will be removed and archived.

The Archives

An article usually appears on its originating page for two months. After that it's moved to The Archives. With the February 1 update, all the 2006 articles will be removed. If there's one you want, print it now.

WIP or Work in Progress

1 of 12 for 2009 is a brief essay about goals, especially my goals for the new year. I'm making myself accountable to my readers this next year. Nothing like a challenge, huh? Who will you be accountable to for your goals?

Previously Published

Feature Article: Think Outside the Box and the entire series Keeping and Using Your Rights remain in place until the February update. The cover of my most recent large print book Most Wanted is shown. The book is an example of my following my own advice about using reverted/retained rights.

Written Wisdom

For January, the theme for Written Wisdom which appears on every page of the website, is Change. Look for quotations from Jane Austen, Christina Baldwin, Gail Sheehy, Elizabeth Janeway, Ursula K. LeGuin, Mignon McLaughlin, and Edith Nesbitt.

Epitaph on Mel Blanc's tombstone: That's all, folks.

Takeaway Truth

Like most authors in this business, I work hard to make my website a treasure of information and entertainment.

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