Watermark Your Images

Jonathan Bailey at Plagiarism Today has posted a great analysis of 3 free online watermarking software applications. If you don't subscribe to Jonathan's site, you should. He provides resources that writers need.

If you're like me and create your own artwork or use your own photographs, then you probably want a way to watermark your images. Stock photography sites have software that can batch-code images uploaded to their sites, but individuals who work with just a few images a week don't have that tool at their disposal.

Here's the same image, originally created in PhotoShop, which I hurriedly watermarked a few seconds ago at WaterMarkTool. It's so easy and fast.

Thanks, Jonathan, for your post.

Takeaway Truth

Placing a watermark on your created images is another way to promote your brand. If you're a career-driven writer, that's a good thing.


  1. What a great tool! Have been playing around with WaterMarkTool link, and it's so easy. I've linked this to my favourites and will use it on all my Blog images now. Thanks for the heads-up.