New Author Sponsors Contest

The New Author, aka Brian, is giddy over writing his 100th blog post. Gosh, I've forgotten that kind of excitement since I've done nearly 800 now so it's refreshing to find someone with that newbie enthusiasm.

In honor of his achievement, he's holding the First Annual New Author Writing Contest.


Visit his blog for all the details and to see if he has placed a ceiling on the number of entries.

Two Categories: short, short story and poetry.


1. The short, short story must be 1500 words or less.

2. Your poem must be limited to one page.

3. Your name and the title must be on each page (in case I get clumsy).

4. E-mail all entries to

5. Include 'writing contest' in the subject line.

6. You may enter a maximum of two short, short stories and two poems.


Brian will read all the entries and select the top five stories and poems. These will then be posted on his blog The New Author for everyone to read.

After all the stories and poems have been posted, he will have a poll on the site for readers to vote so it will be a peer-driven award.


No cash, but a nice badge to display on the winners' websites.


March 31, 2009.

Takeaway Truth

Contests are fun. Even if you don't win big bucks, bragging rights are cool.


  1. Ooh, thanks for the link! While I'm not big on entering contests (I like just submitting ;)) I do like hearing about them... weird, I know. :P

    I'm definitely checking out his site, though, thanks for pointing it out, Joan.


  2. Thank you Joan. I added a link to your site on mine. 800 posts!?! That is a lot of blog writing. Congratulations on your endurance. I can't imagine what will happen when I make it to 800.

  3. Go for it, Merc!

    Brian, you're welcome. Yep, I'm coming up on 800 posts on this blog. My other one Joan Slings Words is just a 5 month-old baby. Only have 95 posts on it.