My New Profile Pic

Come April, I'll celebrate the 4th anniversary of Sling Words. By the anniversary date, I'll have published nearly 900 blog posts. So I think it's time I do a little redecorating.

Sure I've tweaked the layout here and there - generally when I'm bored i.e. on hold on some phone call - or when I'm procrastinating from real work. I haven't changed the template, fonts, or even my profile photograph. In the next few weeks, I'll remedy this. Today I'm changing my profile picture.

Picture Or Graphic Image

Last week I read A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words. I thought about my profile picture which needed updating. One of the comments I left on that particular blog post was that someone could use an icon or logo image in lieu of a photograph.

I started thinking about that because I've been trying to find time to post a new photo to my profile. I never take the time to have professional portraits done. I always use a snapshot my husband has taken, but I we haven't really taken any photos in the last couple of years. I guess we're always too busy taking pictures of the rest of the family.

The photo I've been using was a few years - and several hairstyles - ago. So I decided to take my own advice and just use a logo image for my profile pic. That way I never have to worry about hairstyle - and color - experiments making me unrecognizable should anyone actually see me and know the *LOL* genius behind Sling Words. Never having to update is an easy choice for me.

Takeaway Truth

Photographs are important, but it's also important to update them. If you don't wish to do this, then go with a nice image logo.


  1. The last line of your post appears to consist of detritus from self-editing.

    It made ME feel better to see that; I do it so often that I'm glad to see I'm not alone. On the other hand, I suspect you'll want to remove it.

  2. Yup, I like the idea of a graphic instead of a photo sometimes. Me, I'm the most un-photogenic person I know and I hate having my picture taken. ;) So I stick with icons or pictures of something cute or appropriate instead.

    I like your icon, btw, and am looking forward to see how you redecorate!


  3. Harl Delos, thanks. Funny that didn't show up when I previewed it. Thanks so much.

    Merc, I demo-ed a few hundred templates today. Guess I'll have to give a report on the redecorating process.

  4. OK -- this made me think of an email I got from a friend a couple of days ago. This is part of it:

    The U.S. Bureau of Standards announced today that due to the general slowdown of the economy, a picture is now worth only about 800 words, down from its longtime level of 1,000.

    "It's an indictment on the economy as a whole when something as dependable as a picture can be devalued by 20 percent," stated Frank Carlisle, director of the Bureau of Standards' metaphor division. "We were caught off guard entirely. There are critics who believe we should have seen it coming when a bird in the hand dropped to 1.73 birds in the bush, but hindsight is 20/15."

  5. Terry, that reminds me of what Paula Poundstone once said about the wages of sin being death, but after you figure in taxes and inflation, it's just a tired feeling.