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When you're writing on the vast page of the Internet, you should remember something very important: not everyone who reads your copy is an Internet expert. I know it's hard to believe, but everyday there are people online who are novices when it comes to the Internet and its resources. These beginners probably aren't up on the lingo.


Do you just ignore that fact and sling around esoteric terms and ideas thereby adopting the attitude that it's their tough luck if they don't understand?

Do you stop and explain every single thing and risk boring your Internet veterans?

Is there, perhaps, another option where you try to serve these newbies, explaining ideas, terms, and procedures - all without alienating your regular readers? Ah, I'm glad you asked.

Link to Explain

One thing you can do is link a word to a page that defines or explains the Internet dynamic. For instance, if I wanted to blog about monetizing a site, but I wanted to explain to a new reader what that meant, I'd do it this way.

Can you make money by monetizing your blog?

As you can see by this simple example, the linked word takes you to a Wiki article about the subject.

Obviously, you wouldn't fill a blog post with hot linked words, but, by doing so, you make sure your subject matter can be clearly understood. After all, isn't that one of the reasons to write? To educate?

Don't Forget Audience

At the same time, you provide service to your current readers by ensuring your content is fresh, with new ideas, or expanded information about old ideas, so you won't lose your existing audience in the process of providing service to new users.

Takeaway Truth

Strive to make your content of value to all users.

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