Followup to Stats/ePublishers

Apparently, my post about picking an ePublisher by using web metric stats pushed some hot buttons. The post received some good, articulate comments as well as some, um, really, uh, interesting emails.


Author Terry Odell who is print published and ePublished had some good questions that those considering an ePublisher should ask.

Lara Diamond commented and gave what I assume - I didn't check them - are some current stats for one of the most popular ePublishers that had low stats all those months ago.

Again, let me tell everyone, as I did in the post, that the stats I quoted were pulled nearly a year ago and were posted correctly according to that data. Also, as I said in the post, do your own homework. Get current stats. That's the business end of being an author that you all have to embrace.

Anyone can subscribe and obtain up to date web analytics. There are a lot of companies on the Net that provide this service - some do it for free, remember? The point of that post was to show authors that there are tools they can use to help them make the best choice for their career.

Coming Attractions

Later today - or in a few days if I run out of time today - I'll poke the angry lion with another sharp stick by giving some data about social networking sites since so many use it as a promotional vehicle.

Takeaway Truth

A successful career demands you make good choices so use the necessary tools.

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