Artist Medium? Auto Bodies

My DH and I are both fans of the car shows on HD television. (That's our baby in the picture.) We DVR everything from the muscle car auctions to the TLC show Overhaulin'. His interest is because he wants to do all that stuff. My interest is because I'm writing a mystery that involves classic cars.

Amazing Reconstructionists

The thing that amazes me is how these guys can take an old clunker from a cornfield and turn it into the sleekest, fastest, hottest thing on 4 wheels. They replicate body parts that rusted to dust long ago. I mean, these auto body specialists are true artists.

My Experience

My only experience with auto body shops was when some bonehead smashed into the rear of my beautiful merlot Thunderbird. When that happened, I wish I'd had auto body repair service bookmarked on my browser because I was in a total panic. I wanted to be reassured that an auto body repair artist would make my car just like new because I'm crazy about my convertible T-Bird. It stays in the garage with its hard top on a hoist hovering overhead.

Resources For Car Lovers

Collision Repair Experts help you find a quality repair shop in your area. They're in just about every state. Their car service directory makes it easy. They have strict requirements for their members and only list shops that provide high quality, top-of-the-line service. When you obtain a list of shops from the online directory, you can then find out details including the payments they accept, their hours of service, contact info, whether they're I-CAR gold certified, and even maps and directions to the shop.

If I'd had that resource, I might not have worried myself to a frazzle while I waited for insurance adjusters to do their thing. All ended well for my sleek, dark red baby, but I've bookmarked Collision Repair Experts just in case I ever need them.

Takeaway Truth

Shopping for service providers in ever category is easy with the Net.

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