Tag Kirium? Just Call Me Sherlock

I was talking to my husband the other day. He was seated at his desk in his home office, and I was standing, glancing at the paper blizzard that covers his desk when I saw a note he'd scribbled. I'm pretty good at reading upside down so I was immediately curious when I read: tag kirium.

Secret Santa

Since this is the season to be jolly - and mysterious, I immediately assumed he'd taken notes on something he'd viewed on the Net. Sure, I could have asked him, but where's the fun in that? Besides, any wife worth her salt is capable of doing a little amateur sleuthing.

The word tag immediately made me think of one of his favorite watches, a Tag Heuer he's had for years. So with a hopeful smile on my face, I went to my computer to do some cyber investigating.

It didn't take me long to find the Tag Heuer watches at The Watchery.com. It took me even less time to find this gorgeous watch.


If you've never ordered an expensive item from the Internet, generally you check for credibility and security. This is just a habit with me on any site from which I order. The Watchery is a McAfee Secure site so you can feel safe about purchasing. Additionally, there's a good 6 inches of each web page devoted to displaying every kind of security badge you can imagine.

How They Do It

The site doesn't sell refurbished watches or manufacturer's rejects. All the watches are 100% genuine with serial numbers. Unless noted, they're brand new with original box and papers. Substantial discounts to the manufacturer's suggested retail price are possible because The Watchery isn't an authorized dealer of any one brand. They buy in large quantities, have a low markup and low overhead since they're an online seller.

Well, that's another mystery solved. Except, I still don't know what Kirium is. Guess I'll have to keep visiting that site.

(Honey, in case you're reading my blog today, the Tag Heuer Link watch with the white face would look great on my wrist. Hint. Hint.)

Takeaway Truth

A girl never outgrows her need for bling.

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