Holiday #15 & 16: It's All About Wine

Both these wine accessories come from my favorite KK shop.

You'll love, love, love this Bottle Opener. It'll make you look like an experienced sommellier as you open a bottle of wine.

All it takes is 3 steps:

1. Cut the foil with the built-in foil cutter
2. Slide the needle to pierce the cork.
3. Press the top button to pressurize the bottle with inert gas.

The cork is forced out by the compressed gas. It goes "pop" just like in the restaurant. Opener comes with a cartridge good for 60-100 uncorkings. That should keep you for a few weeks.

Price: $27.95

Next up is the perfect way to rack a bottle of wine in the fridge. Instead of struggling with raising and lowering shelves to accommodate the height of a bottle, just use this Fridge Wine Rack that easily clips to the wire shelves.

You get clips for 2 bottles.

Price: $12.95

Takeaway Truth

There's a perfect tool for every task - wine is no exception.

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