Find Time = Make Time

Are you thinking about starting a blog in the New Year? Or, maybe you've decided to set a goal of posting your blog more frequently, even, perhaps, on a regular schedule? Why haven't you blogged more frequently before? Because you couldn't find the time.

That well-worn phrase is wrong thinking! No one ever finds time. Anyone who does anything in a block of time, does so because he or she made time.

Here are some tips to help you.

Make Time

1. Write a blog post and time yourself. How long did it take from beginning to ready to publish?

2. Get the calendar out and look at it. What are your existing time commitments? Find the day or days when you can devote the block of time discovered in step #1 to your blog posting. Is it just one day so you're immediately discouraged because you've heard a blog must be posted daily?

Relax. A blog posted once a week on the same day with good content will be more successful than haphazard posts on a random basis.

3. On your desk calendar or Daytimer or whatever calendar you use to keep track of your appointments, mark the days when you'll post to your blog. It's a scheduled appointment.

4. Honor your scheduled appointment. If you set up a dentist appointment, then you go when it rolls around. Right? Same principle. You set an appointment to post your blog. Then do it when that time rolls around.

5. Now, brainstorm a list of ideas about which you want to write so you won't have to search the corners of your brain for something about which to write. Your list of topics should reflect your niche or your theme for your blog. To paraphrase, Blogger, know thyself then to thine own self be true. It's easier to write when you know the topic in advance because your brain will toy with the idea.

Be yourself. Don't try to copycat a popular blogger. There's already a Paperback Writer, and she does a great job. Same goes for all the other popular bloggers. So don't be a poor imitation of the original. Just be you because no one can do that as well as you.

Takeaway Truth

The more you write; the more the words will flow. That's what blogging can do for you: get the words flowing.

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