Ultimate Shopping for Ultimate Hunter

You know that song lyric: "he's making a list and checking it twice?" Well, that was my husband today. You can't drag him to a mall on Black Friday and Saturday. By the same token, you can't drag him away from the computer on those days either. Why? He's discovered my smart shopping secret. Websites have Black Friday specials too!

When he found the Nikon Black Friday Promo, you'd have thought he'd personally scored a Hail Mary pass in a Super Bowl. Suddenly, he liked shopping. I mean, he can watch the football games on the TV in his home office and shop for the Ultimate Hunter's Package at the same time. (If I knew how to do that Tim Allen-Home Improvement man grunt sound, I'd do it because that would be so appropriate.)

(Uh oh. He just wandered in to my study. He's looking over my shoulder as I write this. I can't help it. I break up into giggles.)

Indignant at my snickering, he haughtily informed me that you didn't have to be a woman to know how to shop and get bargains. He said the Nikon Ultimate Hunter's Package helped him save big. He started enumerating all the ways you could save on the Nikon Promo site, but I kind of lost track after Riflescopes, Rangefinders, and Binoculars, until he mentioned gift cards. Gift cards always get my attention.

His new fave website offers an expanded program of gift cards. He thinks it's totally cool to buy a present for someone and get a gift card to spend on yourself. I could have told him that, but he probably wouldn't have heard me. He'd already abandoned shopping chitchat to return to his football game. And probably finding something on which to spend his impending Nikon gift card.

Takeaway Truth

Never underestimate the value of a good Black Friday promotion.

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