Love Those Geeks

Remember when the word geek used to mean someone who had an invisible L (for loser) tattoo on his or her forehead? Oh, how old school. Now, everyone loves geeks. Since I was probably considered a geek in high school, I embrace this new popularity. Yet, I have to confess. I'm not nearly smart enough to be a true geek, even though I try to pass on good geek info to my audience in hopes of making their lives easier.

Learn from WHG

I'm always writing about web and blog design and Internet issues. I try to steer my readers to websites that help them in their online efforts. For instance, I tell anyone interested in setting up a website to check out Web Hosting (WHG for short.) This site has ratings and reviews of website hosts as well as associated costs.

No Techno Babble

Even better, WHG has their web hosting blog that will help educate you about Internet business. If you sell books or other products from a website, or want to, then read their blog about SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the standard for securing E-commerce transactions since its introduction in 1994. Want to know how much you should pay for a domain name? Do you really need a dot com name? Read the blog - it's a treasure trove of information, written in a way the ordinary person can understand it. That in itself is a reason to love these particular geeks because I hate wading through a bunch of techno babble.

Takeaway Truth

In a challenging economy, you need to make every dollar count. Get the information you need in order to make good decisions about your Internet presence.

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