Help! My PC's Sassing Me

My mom is always calling me with computer problems. She's so funny. I'll answer the phone, and she'll say: "What's wrong with this crazy computer now?"

Fortunately, over the years, I've trained her to at write down whatever she sees displayed on the monitor. So she'll read me the error message. Then she always says, "It's talking back to me. Why is it saying this and what in heckfire does it mean?"

I keep saying I'm going to put a webcam on her computer aimed at her setup. That would make it easier in one way, but trust me. I don't want to have another piece of technology that I have to troubleshoot for her - via long distance telephone.

Uniblue Rescues

Fortunately, I found a website that has helped several times. Uniblue PC-Library, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. That designation means the site has been recognized by Microsoft for its expertise, excellence and consistency in the delivery of system performance, security, and stability software.

Ah, stability. What a marvelous word, especially when we're talking about fixing my mom's computer so it will perform properly and be stable. Errors are created as a result of lots of different PC problems. They result in slowed performance at best and in a crash at worst. So if Mom has an error number, I can easily figure out what to do. The site is user friendly and explains what system error messages mean. (It also explains everything you never knew about ports, including what a port is and what it's used for and how to troubleshoot those kinds of problems.)

We Don't Need No Stinking Errors

Now when Mom calls with a problem, let's say an error code 8249, I just go to Uniblue PC-Library and click the Error tab. Not only will it tell me what the error is, but also it will tell me what I need to do to fix it plus they offer free software to help diagnose problems. Since their database is extensive, I've yet to run into an error not addressed.

Takeaway Truth

Technology is wonderful - when it works properly. When it doesn't, there's usually some accessible technology to help you fix the problem.

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