Gift Certificate for Hosting

I received a special offer from SiteGround, the company I use to host my Joan Slings blog. They gave me 5 free Gift Certificates I can pass on to anyone. The gift certificate gives you $20.00 off the cost of SiteGround hosting.

If you've wanted your own domain for a blog, this is a good deal. Check out SiteGround first. You can even use the web hosting geeks site I've written about before to see how they stack up with other web hosts.

If you decide you want to use SiteGround, email me at joan @ (put Real Live Person) in subject box. I'll send you the certificate code to use.

Each gift certificate gives its owner the chance to purchase a new hosting account at SiteGround with additional $20 discount.

First come; first served.

Takeaway Truth

Always use discounts to reduce your writing overhead.

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